Monday, July 14, 2008

Scam Alert

I thought it would be a good idea to give a little information on the mystery shopping scams that are out there so hopefully no one can fall prey. I will update this as I come across information about new scams.

1. Money Wiring

A scam that I've been hearing a lot about involves wiring money. A "mystery shopping" company asks that you cash a big check and then wire some of the money back to them.

2. Check Cashing

A similar scam I've heard about is a mystery shopping company will ask that you send them a check and they will send you a larger check. Of course when you send them a check they cash it immediately and you're out of your money and when you cash their check, it bounces.

Remember, if something looks to good to be true, it probably is. That sounds trite but it's true. People aren't going to do you favors for doing nothing at all. Don't believe for a moment that someone is going to send you a large check for no reason at all.